About Flaga in Hungary

uzem Flaga is one of the leading provider of LPG in Hungary and has offered high-quality LPG products to its customers. With our self-owned delivery fleet we guarantee our customers 100% LPG supply nationwide.  

Our product portfolio includes bulk and cylinder gas, but also autogas. Furthermore, we offer maintenance and repair services for tanks.

Our headquarter is located in Budaörs (our factories are in Székesfehérvár and in Lakitelek).

Flaga Hungary is part of the Flaga Group and UGI International. Find out more under www.flagagroup.eu or here.

Flaga pursues in all time and circumstances in the LPG distribution for the continuous improvements to define such principles and values, what are consistent with the rules and standards and reflect ethical commitments.

Our employees create the conditions for the valid technical and safety standards and their compliance, and require this compliance. They comply with laws and regulations which are in force, the opposite conduct is refused. Employees of LPG distribution exercise fair competition rules, fairness and procedural methods are developed and conducted.

FLAGA pursues to raise quality to serve the customers, and to broaden and develop the market. It ensures that its products and services, quality of external devicescomply with regulations, laws, and meet the most stringent safety requirements. We guarantee our developments to meet the changes in the technical and environmental specifications.

FLAGA is committed to operate a quality management system, in addition to the process-and system-based management. For this purpose we introduced quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2009 . We always pursue for customer satisfaction, ISO system and continuous improvement activities.

Flaga considers it to be evident that we comply with environmental regulations to maintain and protect the natural environment. We pursue to operate in accordance with technical, local and economic factors and with rules stricter than the relevant regulations in order to reduce pollution.

The reason of maintenance and protection of the state of the natural environment essential requirement to compliance the applicable environmental regulations.

Seeks to reduce the environmental conduct of technical and economic realities in according to local practice of the relevant statutory provisions.


The FLAGA Group is one of the leading suppliers of LPG in Europe.

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