Flaga Group takes over Total’s Hungarian LPG business

Only our name changes!


The Flaga Group acquired Total’s Hungarian LPG-business and brought it into a new company called Flaga Hungária as of September 1st. Customers and partners have, however, nothing to do: they can order the filling of their gas-tanks as they did before or can go to get their PB-bottles replaced on the same place where before.

For our customers the change will bring along primarily a leap forward in the quality of our services. The positive changes will be experienced in customers relations, logistics and supplementary services. Information relating to changes will be communicated to clients continuously.

Customers hotline: +36 40 200 626 (unchanged)

Havaria hotline: +36 40 200 029 (unchanged)


The FLAGA Group is one of the leading suppliers of LPG in Europe.

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